Book Review: Everything Is Perfect When You’re A Liar by Kelly Oxford

Kelly Oxford grew up in Edmonton and the first chapters of this book are her childhood stories from there. I found myself laughing out loud
picturing these events going down in local venues such as Bonnie Doon Mall, The Sugar Bowl, and even the Calgary Zoo.
Each chapter is around an event that took place in her life, starting from a young kid wanting to put on a production of Star Wars with the neighbourhood children; going to LA as a teenager to look for Leonardo DiCaprio and then later in life as a mom, avoiding a speeding ticket by telling the cop about how her son’s poop is all over him, her and his car seat.
If you also live in Alberta, I recommend you give this book a read.
For those who do not know who Kelly Oxford is, I recommend either following her on Twitter or Instagram. It can be wickedly funny and relatable.


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