Tips & Tricks: Checkout 51

I confess, I love a good deal. I get a little bit of an adrenaline rush when I see the coupon pad in the grocery store aisle. It could be for prune juice and I would still feel the need to go up to it, see the deal, look at the product and ask myself “do you reeeeally need this?”.
99% of the time it’s something that I have never used and really have no need for, but there I am, standing in front of the coupon for sometimes a good two minutes, contemplating if I could use it.
Then there are the times where I have found a great coupon in a flyer or online for something I do use! I have clipped a load of coupons thinking that I am going to save myself money but once I get to the store, I realize that those lovely deals are sitting stacked in a nice pile on the counter at home.
There is an alternative to coupons: An app called Checkout 51!
How it works is every Wednesday at midnight, a weekly list of products is uploaded with values for money back per item. If you purchase any of the products on the list, you take a picture of your receipt and submit it on the app. The folks at Checkout 51 review the receipt and will put the given value onto your account. Once you have reached $20 in value you may request that they send you a cheque for the money earned.
Many of the products on this app are the same products that you see with P&G Brandsaver… So if you happen to have a coupon for some Tide laundry detergent for example, and it’s on sale AND you submit your receipt to Checkout 51, you are getting a wonderful price for clean clothes!
Another nice thing about Checkout 51 is that you don’t necessarily need to buy any of those products. Every week you can be entered into a draw for a $500 prize just by uploading a grocery receipt with $60 or more! Oh, and on holidays sometimes they’ll have a feature like “take a picture of what you’re doing for New Years and receive 50 cents”.
All in all, it’s a free app that can put a little bit of cash back into your pocket. Think of it as a digital coupon. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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