Countdown to Contiki

One more month until I am on a plane, crossing the Atlantic. I will be partaking in a tour around Europe, organized by Contiki.
Europe has been something that I have wanted to see for as long as I can remember. The realization that this will become a reality has yet to sync in. I have no idea what I will get the most out of: the food, the beauty, the culture, the history, the languages… Maybe it will just be the whole thing.

For those who have been themselves, I want to know what was the aspect that you enjoyed most! What was the highlight of your own time there and if you could revisit one place, where would it be?


  1. Munich was one of my favourite places, when I visited Europe during my Contiki trip. There was so much history and culture there, would go back in a heartbeat to explore it for more than a day!


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