Makeup Face-off: A Tale of Three Concealers

Makeup Face-off – pun intended.
Here’s the plan: compare products to each other to help decide what to continue with, what works/lasts/maintains same colour, etc.

For our first face-off, we have three products to compare:
1) Garnier BB Cream Eye Miracle Skin Perfecter Daily Eye Roller in Light/Medium
2) Maybelline New York Instant Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
3) Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller

These are products that I use for an under eye concealer more than a spot corrector.

Application: Both Garnier items are roller ball application. It’s easy to use as long as the product was stored with the roller ball facing down and has a lot of product left. The roller ball however does not provide consistent application and can be cold. The Maybelline on the other hand was confusing at first. I could not figure out how to get the product out of the container. Once I managed to figure it out, the dome sponge applied consistently but a lot more sheer than the roller ball tended to.
Winner: Maybelline

Color: I swatched all three on the back of my hand. Immediately I could see how much more copper coloured the Garnier BB cream was compared to the other two. It was also too dark. The colour does say light/medium but I would say it is more on the medium side than the light. The Maybelline concealer was the only one with a pinkish undertone. I think that depending on the eyes, this may not be too effective, but in my case, it looks pretty natural. Garnier’s Skin Renew was somewhere in the middle with these two. The colour is almost of coral undertone and I imagine would help cancel out anyone with blue undertones.
Winner: Garnier Skin Renew

Pigmentation: The application may be a contributing factor, but the Maybelline seems to have a thinner formula than both Garnier products. The BB cream seems almost too pigmented, like paint. Garnier’s Skin Renew was closer to the BB cream. Depending on the coverage you’re seeking would depend which would work best for you.
Winner: Maybelline

Hold up: All three products are still showing on the back of my hand, 5 hours after application. They have all faded a bit; the BB Cream the least but as it was the most unpleasant of the colours, i was not excited about that.
Winners: Garnier Skin Renew & Maybelline

Ability to build: all three of these products you are able to layer, but I am not sure you would need to build up the BB Cream. Because of the application, I feel that the sponge applicator is the most effective.
Winner: Maybelline

Face-Off Winner: Maybelline New York Instant Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer


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