Have a Tea-rific Day

Yup- tea-rific.
Most people who know me are aware that I very much like tea. Things got serious when my friend introduced me to David’s Tea by giving me a tea bag of Lime Gelato to try.
I tried it! Oh. My. Goodness. It is amazing both hot or cold. I couldn’t get enough!
Frequent Steeper? You bet I am. I have a box at home and a box at work full of tea pouches and tins. I have a jug designed for loose leaf team as well as multiple cups/mugs. It is rare that I go without multiple cups of tea a day.
Going to David’s Tea is an adventure in itself… Getting to smell the loose tea to decide what to get and seeing the latest seasonal mugs. With all that being said, I seem to have gotten myself in a rut of buying the same few teas over and over again because I know I like them.
I would like to know what your favourite tea is and what you recommend I try to get out of my rut (Doesn’t NEED to be David’s tea!).

My taste buds thank you in advance 🙂

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