Tips & Tricks: “Flipp”-ing Through Flyers

Hate the constant mess of flyers? Trying to find this week’s batch before the sales are over? Hate the sound of crinkled paper or when they don’t stay upright? Well today is your lucky day!
Head right on over to the App Store and download the lovely free app called Flipp.
Flipp asks for your location so it can round up the flyers to your local area. It covers grocery stores, furniture stores, drug stores, hardware store… All those lovely flyers you get to your house that are often ruined by rain, snow or the wind (yep, we’ve all seen flyers flying around our neighbourhood!).
Recently it has even shown me the deals at Costco that they hand out when you walk through the door.
This app makes it convenient to compare sale prices while in a store without needing to bring the actual crinkly flyers with you. It also allows you to tap on select items and create a list of sales items you are interested in. The app notes when the flyers expire and notifies you when one of your clippings has only three days left.
What can I say, I love this app. Give it a download and let me know what you think!

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