Review: Ed Sheeran’s “X”

Last week my mother told me to check out the behind the scenes video to Thinking Out Loud.
I wasn’t even sure what Thinking Out Loud was but I obliged. I soon realized that she had made the suggestion because of the choreographers, NappyTabs (I used to be a die hard So You Think You Can Dance fan).
At this point, all I knew about Ed Sheeran was that he had toured with Taylor Swift and that he was the singer of A Team. I was impartial to him to be quite honest.
While watching the video, I gained mad respect for him. I know how tricky some of those dance moves are and he did it pretty well! This man definitely has musicality pumping through his veins.
Once that video was over, I watched the actual video and I may have watched it a few more times immediately after… What a beautiful song! I am sure that the song and video will inspire many couples who are trying to pick their wedding song.
Once I had gotten enough views in to get on with my life, I started to watch some of his other videos. I found that Mr. Sheeran could be quite quirky – one song being a beautiful ballad and the next, a funny rap (or as he put it, a singer with flow).
Before I knew it, I was reaching for my phone to purchase X from iTunes.
For the past five days I have been listening to his album non-stop: in the car, at work, when I’m cooking or dancing around the kitchen…
If you have not already figured it out, I love this album. I love that it is so versatile; how it is catchy, emotional and funny all in one. I love it. I cannot say enough about it. If you have yet to give it a listen, I highly suggest it.

Let me know in the comments if you’re an Ed Sheeran fan and which track is your favourite!


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  1. I love Ed Sheeran so much he definitely deserved an award last night!! I just wrote a post about the best and worst dressed celebrities at the Grammys. It’d be amazing if you could check it out or give me a follow!


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