Tips & Tricks: Ebates

Ebates: When it pays to shop online

Ebates is a lovely site with a Canadian platform to save money for online shoppers. A great thing about it is that they are working with websites that people actually shop at: Sephora,, Amazon, The Bay…

Once you have set up an account with ebates, it is so simple to use!
When you do your online shopping, head to ebates. Select the company name of the store you wish to do your online shopping with. You’ll notice below their name that there is a percentage. That is the amount that you will get in ebates (like an online rebate).

Once you’ve selected the link on ebates, it will send you to the actual website where you would do your online shopping like any other day. Because you accessed it via ebates, they are able to track your purchase to provide the ebate. Complete you shopping and you’re done. So simple!
You’ll receive an email within a couple days about how much money goes onto your account.

Every three months, ebates starts a new tally. Two months after each season you should be getting money (cheque, deposit, etc. depending on your choice).

I love this, especially for stores like Sephora and Amazon that have items I prefer to buy online than in a store. There are often double deals as well where the percentage back is at least double it’s standard percentage.

Times of the year such as Boxing Day when there are already great deals are especially fantastic when you add on ebates.

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