The (Almost) Lost Art Of Writing Letters

Before we had cell phones (No, I am not older than the dinosaurs but only 23!!), we did this thing called writing and passing notes. Instead of emojis, we would make doodles and do our bests to not get caught passing our finely folded papers behind our teachers’ backs.
I heard earlier this week that students no longer learn to capitalize the word I or to write in cursive. This blew my mind! I guess they learn to type instead? Excuse me a minute while I shake my head in disbelief… I am pretty sure they’ve got it figured out 5 minutes after receiving their first phone.
There is something so nice about a hand written note, the effort, the errors, the penmanship…
I’ve been lucky enough to have a friend who also enjoys hand written letter. We make the effort to write to each other. There is something about taking the time to write your thoughts down and sharing them with a friend. I look forward to checking the mail and to hearing about the latest and greatest going on in her life.
My suggestion to you is to write a friend. Write them a letter about anything from some nostalgic memory, some exciting news or to try to reconnect. See how it goes!

Happy long weekend folks 🙂

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