Formula Change: Garnier BB Cream

What the heck! My beloved BB Cream is no more! The creamy thick wonderful coverage BB cream which was my daily go to is now watered down, sheer and not too user friendly.
They have changed the cap on the tube so it no long flips shut. I much prefer a flip lid, especially with a brush or sponge in hand it makes everything easier and cleaner. Now it is a screw off lid. Add that with the watery consistency and you’ve got yourself a hot mess! It is no longer my go-to foundation but I may use it for the now light coverage on the weekend while running errands.
I used the old formula for years and I am not sure that I will repurchase this anymore. It is a sad day for my makeup bag 😦

One comment

  1. I remember I used the original Garbier BB cream and loved it, but since I have oily skin it was a little too greasy to me. When they came out with the version for oily skin, I was super excited…until I realized the formula was different! It was exactly as you described – no longer a thick and creamy with the flip top lid but rather watery and with that silly twist off top. Such a disappointment.

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