Day 1: Travel

Started the day checking in for my flights and picking my seats. Fingers crossed that I have nice people sitting next to me! 

Before heading to the airport I stopped by my parents place for bacon and my mom’s amazing pancakes with blueberry sauce. Not sure when my next chance at a meal is so I am extra grateful for that! 

Now I am at the airport awaiting my flight. I have about an hour until take off. I have stocked up on gum and lifesavers to help with the pressure in my ears. Everything is finally starting to sink in and I can’t wait to get to London! My 7 year old self would be proud 🙂

This is probably my only chance to post before I get to my first hotel, so I shall check back in once I am settled in. 

I will also post pictures on Instagram when I can! ( @lovelylittlestlife )


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