Journey to London

My flights went smoothly. My first flight I was sat next to an older fellow from Transylvania. He had many things to tell me. My second flight had many babies on them but the ones near me were still very small and even when they cried it was so quiet that it was not a bother in the slightest. 

I was very happy to see that there were some free movies on the flight. Many that I have been wanting to see. My first choice was Whiplash. What a great movie! I suggest it to everyone: boys, girls, young, old… It’s great. If you have ever done anything competitively or ever played an instrument, watch it! It’s amazing. J.K. Simmons totally deserved the Oscar that he won for this role. Absolutely incredible. 

Between movies I stopped to look at the window. At first it was dark. Then I noticed, dancing in the sky somewhere over the Hudson Bay: aurora borealis. Absolutely beautiful. If only it weren’t so faint and I were able to get a picture. A couple minutes later and it was gone. 

I feel that it is suiting to say that it is not the destination but the journey that is important. 

The second movie I watched, The Judge, was also a good movie. I may have enjoyed it more had I not just watched Whiplash, which I was blown away by. Robert Duvall and Robert Downy Jr. play well opposite each other as father and son. Some of their scenes together really reminded me of some families; they argue and cannot stand each other but when times get tough, they stand by each other. I did happen to fall asleep before the movie ended so may need to watch it again to know how it ends.

Going over the Atlantic through the night means losing hours. I think I may have only gotten 2 hours of sleep, if that. It was difficult getting comfortable as I could not recline my seat. The gentleman behind me was quite tall and his knees were already hitting the back of my seat while it was upright. Many people were asleep when they handed out breakfast and did not seem very happy to be woken. 

One benefit to not sleeping is that I was able to watch the sunrise over the horizon. It was a lovely sight. 

I decided to spend the rest of the flight watching The Theory of Everything. It was a lovely film about a relationship tested by physical depletion of Stephen Hawking.

Of the three, Whiplash was my favourite. 

As we descend into London many planes can be seen not far in the distance. Some headed for Heathrow, others departing. 

The layout of the land is not as square as ours. There are curves and infrastructure has far as I can see. 

I can tell it is very different here and I have not even landed yet. I am very excited to explore – there are real life princes and princesses who live here.

Once we landed and the plane drove around on the tarmack, the line up of planes waiting to land was visible. What a hub! 

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