Day 3: London to Amsterdam

Happy Tuesday! Hardly slept last night, this time change is not easy to adjust to. Up before the sun to get our luggage weighed and to wait for the bus. My luggage was a touch over weight so I had to shuffle my belongings. 

Once on the coach we made our way through London. I was a bit sad that I hadn’t had the chance to explore yesterday but as we crossed the river Tams I got a great picture of the London Eye and Big Ben. 

We made our way to Dover to cross the English Channel. The white cliffs were an important thing in World War Two. There is a castle at the top of the hill: Dover Castle.

We all got off the bus and had our passports stamped by the French border guards. Got to use my French! Merci!

The ferry was fun! Crossing the English Channel and seeing the white cliffs to the north and France to the south. We were able get in an English breakfast. It was pretty good! Some people got black pudding. I didn’t have the guts to try it. I couldn’t grasp the thought of eating concentrated pig’s blood. 

Over to France! I made sure to ask our tour manager if we will see Vimy Ridge. She let me know that we will drive past it on our way back to London on the last day. I am really looking forward to that. Our path through France was quick as we are headed to the Netherlands via Belgium. It’s a lot of hours on the bus today.

Literally the second we pass into the Netherlands we stopped at a pit stop. Here there is a fresh food Cafe where you can build your own juices, stir fries, sandwiches or salads. It shares the building with McDonalds. Everyone seem happy with these options. I got a green curry chicken stirfry that was delicious and a strawberry flan. 

Tonight we are doing a canal cruise which should be full of history. I am looking forward to that. Tomorrow morning we are going to the Anne Frank house first thing. I have a feeling that I will need some Kleenex for that one! 

I will post pictures on Instagram when I can! 


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