Day 4: Amsterdam to St Goar

Last night’s canal cruise was beautiful. Seeing everything from the waterways, all lit up. 

We got to start our day with a trip to the Anne Frank house. By getting there when it first opened, we were able to get in within 10 minutes. To be in the location where Anne Frank lived was surreal. We don’t really get that opportunity in Canada to read about worldly historical events and then visit them. These streets are full of history.

A little tip for anyone planning on going to Amsterdam, a coffee shop does not sell coffee. That is where someone would go to purchase cannabis. A cafe is where you find coffee. 

We spent the remaining of the morning exploring the streets. Along he way we found a bakery that we could not resist. I got a pistachio macaron that was bigger than any I have seen back home. It was the ideal size! You still get the crunch from the outter layer but you get more of the cake texture from inside the cookie. It also helps keep the filling from being dried out. Absolutely lovely! They also had fresh squeezed orange juice, no sugar added. Such a treat! At this point, it was the best macaron and orange juice I’ve had but I haven’t been to Paris yet so we will see who the winner is. 

We also wandered into a candy store. It was funny to watch the American girls set their eyes on Kinder surprises. I forgot that they are forbidden in the US. I picked up some Paprika Lays potato chips. They are a similar flavour the our BBQ potato chips. I enjoyed them!

Bathrooms are also different here. Even in McDonalds they have bathroom attendants who you need to pay in order to use the washrooms. It varies in price but we were told that the 50 cents in McDonalds was as good as it gets. 

We loaded back on the bus and started on our journey to the next stop: St Goar, Germany. It was about a 4 hour drive but with breaks and everything it brought us to around 5 hours. Many people who had a wild night in Amsterdam were able to take a nap and enjoy the quiet time. 

St Goar is a small town in the Rhine Valley. It is very picturesque and is home to the world’s largest cuckoo clock.

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