Day 5: St Goar to Munich

holy Toledo! Beirsteins are beautiful! I wish I could have taken pictures but there were signs everywhere saying not to. This little town is full of such beautifully crafted things- beirsteins, cuckoo clocks, teddy bears, etc. They have berkenstocks for half of what we pay at home too! 

We were up early to explore the shops and left town by 8am. Off to Munich we go!

Last night we had a wine tasting. The Rhine Valley is full of vineyards. We started with a dryer Reising and worked our way to the sweetest ice wine. As someone who has not had much wine, I really enjoyed it! It turns out that I prefer a dryer white than sweet.

I also learned at our hotel that it is possible to have Jäger on tap! I know a couple of people who would love that, especially if we could get another tap for Red Bull.

Germany is full of castles. It seemed like there was one around every corner. I took pictures of a few but figured that a thousand pictures of castles might be a bit much!

Germany is also full of wind turbines to generate power. Fields and fields of windmills (not too many traditional ones unfortunately). 

We stopped along the way to give our driver a break. I found out that Germans really have it figured out! Their toilets at gas stations are self cleaning. Every time you flush, the seat rotates under a brush and water and it’s clean for the next person! I would love to have these in Canada! 

They also had a restaurant at the rest stop that had traditional German food. A lot of meat and potatoes! I had a dish that was similar to a cabage role- a large pork ball wrapped in pickled cabage. They covered it with gravy and all together it was delicious! Would be great in the winter months back home. I may need to look into making it one day. 

Once in Munich we headed to a concentration camp. Heading up to it, I was a little nervous. I had just come from the Anne Frank house the day before and now would see where many Jews were kept.

Dachau was the first concentration camps. It was a work camp, not a death camp. That being said, many people died there, but they were sent there with the intention to work. It was something that will always stay with me. 

Tonight it is up to us where we want to eat/drink. We were warned in St Goar that beer only comes in one size: 1 litre. That is a lot of beer! We will see how many I am able to drink. Maybe I will get through half of one. 

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