Day 6: Munich to Innsbruck

A night at the beer hole in Munich was fantastic! Traditional German food with a stein of beer was just right. I had a roasted pig knuckle with a dumpling and apple studel for dessert. The food was amazing and the beer was great! I can’t believe that I was able to drink a litre and still feel pretty stable. 

In the morning we got a bit of a sleep in at our luxurious 4 star hotel (it was so much better than any of the other hotels we have stayed at!). We then had a walking tour of Munich. So many beautiful buildings and the history is incomparable to what we have in Canada. They estimate around a million bombs went off in Munich during World War Two. They are still rebuilding to this day. It’s interesting to see some of the reconstruction because instead of building pillars and details, it is painted onto the flat surface of the building. There are a lot of lion statues with their older buildings. 

It was explained to us that they have purposefully gone and done everything Hitler was against. It is rare to find a swastika in Munich other than at the Art Museum. Hitler founded that museum, but it is understood that it did not have much to do with his regime, but just art itself. Most art in this building are modern installations.

the coolest part of our walking to was when we went to the British garden and there are people surfing on the river. There is a large rock near the bottom of the river that creates a wave. Surfers can be seen testing out the wave during the day. 

After our walking tour we had a couple of hours to explore Munich. We stumbled upon a market full of fresh fruits, dried fruits, meat, olives and crafts. Many of us got some dried fruit for the bus ride ahead.

In the afternoon we traveled to Innsburk, Austria. It is a cute little Austrian town. This is the home place of Swarvoski crystal. Most of the group went to their local store to treat themselves to something. It is much less expensive than back home.

For dinner we had schnitzel. It was good! Chocolate mousse for dessert but they gave me a plate of grapes (down side of lactose intolerance). 

All in all if was a great day. Off to Venice in the morning!

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