Day 8: Venice to Rome

After a night in a sketchy hotel, we got on the road for Rome. It was about a six hour journey. 

Once we made it to Rome we drove past the Vatican before unloading off the bus. 
We walked through different squares, found the Pantheon and was lucky enough to find it while it was open (it was only supposed to be open until 1pm and it was almost 4pm). That building is amazing. The history of everything that has happened in and in front of that building… I am grateful for my education and being able see it.
Our tour manager took us to the best gelato shop in Rome. Each bucket of gelato is kept at its own specific temperature according to its ingredients. They had a few lactose free flavours which I enjoyed very much! 
Once done our gelato we wandered to the Trevi fountain. The fountain is currently under repair, being privately funded by Fendi. Because of the repairs there is a scaffold walk way for tourists to go over where the pool would not all be and get a closer view of the fountains centre piece. The detail is absolutely stunning. 
On our way back to the coach we passed the eternal flame and the tomb of the unknown soldier. We got a group picture here. 
Our dinner was at Scoglio di Frisio. Delicious pasta for everyone! I’m inspired to try making my own tomato sauces now that I’ve had this wonderful authentic food. 
After diner we made our way to the hotel.  Driving through the city and seeing the architecture, some in rubble was an absolute dream. There is nothing that comes anywhere close to this back home. Absolutely beautiful and so full of history. I love it. 

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