Day 11: Florence to Lucerne

Day eleven of my journey was relatively uneventful. We got up, loaded the bus and drove. We spent the whole day in the bus.

Along the way however we past a few cool places. We drove past Carrera, where they mine marble; past Lake Como where many celebrities have homes and into the Swiss mountains. 


When we arrived in Lucerne, we got to see the lion monument that is chiseled out of the mountain side. The monument is to honor the Swiss guards who were unnecessarily killed while guarding the palace where it was believed that Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI of France were hiding out. The artistry is beautiful but the story is tragic.


In Lucerne we stayed at the jail hotel. Yup, I spent a night in jail. It was more comfortable than I anticipated it to be. They have retrofit the jail into a hotel while keeping some of the features such as the jail doors, the bars on the windows and lack of outlets and lighting. It was gimmicky but I have a fun story to tell about how I spent a night in jail.

A couple of things that the Swiss are famous for are their watches, Thor army knives and their chocolate. We went to a Swiss watch shop and got to look at some beautiful watches and army knives. I admit, I did buy a watch but I bought one of last years designs to save myself some money. I do love watches!

For those who would like to go to Switzerland, it truly is beautiful. One thing I would caution is that it is very expensive! I got fish and chips for supper and a beer on tap to drink… It came to $42.00. Make sure you save up before going!

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