Book Review: Wild

Based on conversations I’ve had with others who have read the book, I realize that I am not in agreement with the general opinion of this book. 

I did not like it. It put me to sleep, even at 10am. Don’t get me wrong, what Cheryl Strayed did was a great personal achievement! I just was not overly captivated by reading about a hike. 

Cheryl grew up in a different situation than the average person, but she thrived with the love and support of her mother. I got more from that aspect of the book than I did her hike. 

Today’s kids are practically attached to their devices. Cheryl grew up living off the land with her mother, step father and two siblings. Cheryl did hit a few speed bumps along the way but she became very successful. 

In my opinion, what we should take from the book, as boring as I found it, is that we have no excuses when it comes to achieving our goals. I may just give this book to the next person who tells me that they won’t make it anywhere because they grew up poor. 

Cheryl went against the odds. On a trail of groups and men, Cheryl walked all on her own while over coming many obstacles and achieved her goal.

I do feel that she would have set herself up to be more successful if she would have tried all her gear before departing on her trip. 

I was very determined to finish the book so that I could watch the movie guilt free. I will post another blog on that soon!

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