Post Trip Thoughts

Now that I’ve been home for a while and had a chance to reflect on my time in Europe, I want to share some regrets and some successes. 


1. Overpacking– I am someone who likes to be prepared. I like to be able to reach into my bag and pull out anything that I may need. The weight limit for the bus was lighter than that of airlines. I had to leave clothes behind multiple times to make room for any souvenirs I purchased. Luckily I did not pack all my favourite clothes so was able to pick and chose quickly. There were still a lot of clothes from those I brought home that had not been worn once while away. 

2. Not trying more beers – every beer that I did try, I very much enjoyed. Back here at home I have always stuck with brands/brews that I know I like. While away I got courageous and eager to try new things. I am looking forward to hitting up the liquor store and finding some London’s Pride beer to drink on the deck this summer. 

3. Not taking more selfies– yes, yes, yes – I am not big on having my picture taken. However I should’ve taken more to remember the moments I had during that whirlwind of a trip. I also should have pulled the friends I made into those pictures. I don’t have a single picture with the girl I sat with every day. She was a sweetheart and I should’ve taken a darn picture!


1. Definitely the thing I am most proud of is actually going on this trip. I went and saw an area of the world that I had dreamt about since I was a little girl. I went on my own, not letting anything hold me back. I did this trip for me,  something I hope I continue to do. 

2. Making new friends – I did not go to Europe with the plan to make friends. I was going to eat as many different foods and drinks as I could get my hands on while seeing all that I could see. The people that I became friends with though are real gems and I hope that my path crosses with theirs again. I feel like there are some potential trips in my future. Chicago maybe?? 

3. Being inspired to do another trip – this trip was so amazing that I am trying to figure out where I should go next. I caught the travel bug! Maybe somewhere completely different… With a beach! 

4. Being inspired to cook authentic dishes – pasta! Pizza! Pork knuckle! So many amazing foods! I cannot wait to master the flavours I indulged in. I already notice difference in my pasta sauce and the way I think about cooking. I am super happy that I bought an Italian cookbook while in Italy to help foster some of those skills. 

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