Deciding to do more school

Less than a year ago I was working towards finishing my degree. I was not enjoying my university experience and I could not wait to be done. I craved working full time and not needing to be reading textbooks or writing essays. I knew from day one of starting school that my degree would not prepare me for a career, it was more about learning about myself, about how people work and expanding on what I know about my interests. When I did finish, I felt liberated and told myself I wouldn’t go back.

Well… I am heading back! I have been pretty lucky when it comes to work. I landed with a great company as a summer student and have been able to grow there and land myself in a team where I can see myself long term. Not only is the work exciting, but the people that I work with are always willing to help me learn about something that is new to me. I know that this time around I will have a team of subject manner experts nearby in case i need to pick their brains on anything.

One thing that is important to the company I work for is the development of their employees. I am very lucky for that too. More or less everything is right for me to go back to school. I have very little commitments outside of work and with patio season around the corner, I will need something to read while enjoying the long Alberta summer days.

I am not sure how this will effect my frequency of posting. Heck, maybe it will inspire some new topics! We will see in a month when i start my first online course. Until then, expect a post every week day this month!


Have an awesome day!

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UPDATE: Now that I am coming to a close on this online course, I cannot wait to being back in a school free life. If I decide to do anymore courses, I will not be doing them over the summer months. Lesson learned!

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