Product Review: Body Blender

When Beauty Blender announced that they were coming out with a Body Blender I was beyond excited! I love my Beauty Blender to death (no joke, there was chunks missing from it before I finally replaced it) and have not always enjoyed the self tanner process.

I added it to my recent online order from Sephora. There will be a haul post coming, I just couldn’t wait to rip open the packaging for my Body Blender to try it out!

I took it out of the packaging and became a little surprised. This sponge is flat!

The circumference of the sponge is shaped like an egg but as you can see in the picture, it has two flat sizes.

Going with traditional Beauty Blender techniques, I ran water over the Body Blender, squeezing it to get out excess water.

Just like the Beauty Blender, this sponge grew.


Before & After:











I was excited to try my St Tropez with this new applicator. I don’t feel like i am doing a great job with the mittens.

The application was enjoyable! It was soft, not catching on anything. The color applied evenly as well. I very much enjoyed using it.

There were a couple of cons unfortunately. 1) the density of the color was lacking. Maybe I hadn’t wet the sponge enough before using the foam self tan. I will need to try a couple more times to see if that improves. 2) my hands got dirty. Because it is literally an open aired sponge with nowhere to put your hand other than around it, you’re going to get product on it. It wasn’t awful or what I would call messy. I would say that depending on the pigmentation of the product you are using with the Body Blender, you may want to wear a glove.

All in all, I like this product and will continue to use it. It’s easy to you, gives a consistent application and it was even easy to clean. If you have a couple of dollars to spend and you love your tan from a bottle, give this product a try!

UPDATE: I much prefer the mitt over the body blender. My hands get stained, my body hardly seems any change in color and it is easy to get a streaky finish. I am sad to say that I wasted my money on this product and will not repurchase.

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