Review: Claudalie Micellar Water

A few months back I mentioned a haul that included two of the Sephora Favourites boxes. One of them the makeup, the other, the skin care. 

I have tried a couple of the products so far but have realized that I have yet to mention my thoughts on them. So here we are, talking about one of the items included in that there box.

Claudalie’s Micellar Water! I had heard about micellar water from a couple of YouTube channels out of different countries, not so much the north american channels. I was curious about what this stuff was, especially considering how well it seemed to be removing makeup. The versions in the videos I had seen were from drug store brands like Garnier. 

I was happy to see a micellar water in the favorites box! Finally could see for myself what all the buzz was about. I immediately loved it. It doesn’t have any crazy scent to it, so that was nice. I don’t remember my makeup ever being so easy to remove without scrubbing or the product leaving some oily residue on my skin that made my skin feel greasy. I loved it! 

Because it is a smaller sized bottle, I was able to take it with me to Europe too. It was awesome, after a long day of traveling that i could literally wipes away it all on a cotton round. I would use it before hoping in the shower. That way i wouldn’t need to worry about getting the dreaded racoon eyes in the shower. Rejoice!

I do have a dilemna however. This is a higher end brand and the cost of this product to buy the full sized bottle is more than i would like to spend. As I am almost done this bottle, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a drug store version. Truth be told, it is probably something that I could make myself. The ingredients are few and not that difficult to come by. 

As they are becoming more popular, more lines are offering their micellar waters in Canada. I came across Simple’s micellar water just the other day. I scooped it up. I have not yet put it to the test,  but definitely plan to, and to compare it to Caudalie’s. I am hoping that it is comparable at a fraction of the cost. If not, maybe i will go into business of producing my own! Who knows!

Let me know if you have tried any micellar waters, which brand and what your thoughts were! Would love to hear from you. 🙂

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