video Le Petit Prince on film

They are making this French Classic into a film and I am beyond excited! Check out the trailer and let me know which of your favourite childhood books you would love to see becoming a movie! 


  1. This looks like it will be very good. It definitely has a star studded cast, which hopefully builds up the hype of the movie, it will do well I think.

    “They” must be running out of children’s books to make movies. Right? So many good ones have been done already.

    A couple classics I can think of that have already been done are: Where the Wild Things Are, James and the Giant Peach, Charlottes Web, Curious George, Charlie and the chocolate factory so many!!

    Hmm.. I would love for “them” to do the phantom tollbooth, it’s a classic for sure.


    • It sure does have a star studded cast. I hope it does well in English. I am beyond certain that the French version will be a smash.

      You are right, they have done some books really well. Those are great examples 🙂

      I do not think I ever read Phantom Tollbooth. I will have to check it out!


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