Alberta Voted for Change

Last night, history was made. Alberta, normally a sea of conservative blue has been hit with an orange New Democratic Party tidal wave. 

I am very interested to see what this means for our province. Almost all existing MLA’s have been voted out of office, resulting in a large bill of pension payments for our province. I had heard that it may cost us $13,000,000.00. Yikes that is so much money! If the NDP does provide the province with all the public has been hoping for, many will see this as an investment. 

As there are not many returning faces to our government, it will be very interesting to see how they do. I think that they have a big job in front of them and I truly wish them luck.

I know that this is a hot topic around my office. I am interested to hear other’s opinions about yesterday’s election results. Voice your opinion in the comments! I love different perspectives and outlooks. 


  1. I enjoyed reading your perspective. With a big change like the one Alberta is now facing, I hope that the politicians can work together and rather than making decisions because they now can, or because they promised to, that they take a moment, slow down, and not rush into any drastic changes. There are a lot of new faces so it will be interesting,

    Hopefully they will listen to their constituents and move in a direction that is productive, and not radical. Ultimately the country still depends a lot on Alberta to not only employ workers coast to coast, but to also contribute drastically to the economy. I hope for it to be a very rewarding change for the province and the country as a whole. Alternatively, I hope it isn’t something that blows up the industry and provincial economy as we know it. Only time will tell, strap in.

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    • I agree with what you said. I do think change is good as long as it’s for the good of the province, not just to stick it to the opposition.
      It will be an interesting next 4 years! Then who knows, maybe the liberals will win some seats 😉


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