Crunch time: Buck-A-Burpee

I have posted about it before here on my blog; Buck-A-Burpee is a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton. 

As I was raising money for Kids Help Phone, I made the decision to focus my attention there even though i whole heartedly feel that this cause is worth more than words can say. 

The campaign ends Sunday and I want to make as much of an impact as I can to help them. They are still far off their goal, but every dollar helps support this home away from home for families of sick kids. 

Please help by either donating or even posting a link to the Buck-A-Burpee website on your Facebook page. Let’s rally together and show this house support! 

Oh right… The kicker… For every dollar raised towards my personal fundraising efforts, I will do a burpee. Not only are you helping to put a roof over people’s heads, but you’ll be getting this lady off her tuckus and getting physically active. 

Here are the links:

Buck-A-Burpee website             

My Fundraising Page

Ronald McDonald House Website 

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