April Empties

The month of April was a busy one! Luckily I still had the thought to make note of the different products that became empties throughout the month. As you will be able to see, I have gone through my fair share of tea! Here are the items that are no more and what I thought of them:
1) Santa’s Secret Tea by David’s Tea

I got this in a giant bag at their end of the year sale. Even after winter departed (the first time), I was enjoying it on a daily basis in the morning before switching to a lighter green or herbal tea in the afternoon. I am not sure if I will repurchase such a large bag of it, but I do for see a repurchase next winter.

2) Pumpkin Chai Tea from David’s Tea

Yes, I fit the stereotype of white girl who loves pumpkin teas. I do make lattes with this as well – I can’t help it! Boy did I ever enjoy this tea. I don’t see myself not repurchasing this in the fall. It is delicious, smooth, great with a cookie or on its own. I believe it is a must try for everyone. 

3) Head & Shoulders 2 in 1(Apple scent)

This is my go to shampoo/conditioner right now. I like the time it cuts in the shower, the scent and the way my hair feels afterwards. The price is also pretty friendly on the pocketbook as well. Because of only needing one bottle, there is more room in my shower too! I have already repurchased this and probably will keep on getting it.

4) Chocolate Macaroon Tea – David’s Tea

Yet another delicious tea! David’s Tea sure knows how to get a repeat customer out of me. I love this tea. My favourite time to drink it was at night, after dinner. It was a nice alternative to dessert and a delicious way to unwind. I will get this again for sure! 

5) St Ive’s Apricot Facial Scrub

I had the jar format of this scrub. I didn’t like that it was open to water and/or bacteria getting inside the unused volume. If I were to buy this again, I would get the squeeze tube format. Right now I am trying a different scrub which I think I like better. St Ive’s texture is similar to sand in a thick lotion. It does work well to exfoliate but shouldn’t be used too often. 
Well that’s all folks! I have started collecting for May already too 🙂 


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