May Long Day Long Roadtrip

Happy Wednesday! Yes, we got to avoid the dreaded Monday morning this week thanks to Victoria Day, May long weekend is normally a good indication that it is safe to start planting because warmers days are on the way.
This long weekend, two friends and I took to the Alberta Highways for a day full of adventure, good eats and the open road. We made the choice to go on Sunday to avoid a lot of the dense traffic and am I ever glad that we did!

We left bright and early, fresh tea and coffee in our cup holders, with somewhat tired eyes. We wanted to make it to Red Deer early enough to get fresh donuts from the Donut Mill in Gasoline Alley.
I personally had never been to the Donut Mill, but I was well aware of it’s existence and location. We stocked up on a dozen donuts to split amongst the three of us. We each ate one before getting back onto the QE2. Boy were they ever good! I had the apple pie donut that morning in attempt to eat some kind of fruit for an alternate breakfast. I highly recommend it. Of all the donuts that I tried, that was my favorite. It had apple pie filling that wasn’t mushy or hard, but just right. The outside of the donut was coated with sugar & cinnamon. It was absolutely lovely. Thinking about it now makes me want to go for a drive back to Red Deer!

Stop #2 was Calgary for lunch. We stopped in at Peter’s Drive In. It was fantastic! Their onion rings are 2nd on my favorite list, behind the untouchable A&W onion rings. The hot dog was awesome too with their special Peter’s Sauce (mixture of BBQ sauce and ketchup). I definitely recommend giving this play a try! Also, they have a GIANT list of milkshake flavours. You can mix and match up to three flavours per milkshake, making 4,500 possible variations to chose from. How crazy is that?! For those who live in the Red Deer area, I noticed that they are currently building one right next to the Donut Mill.

Stop #3 was the town of Drumheller. What a lovely little town! You come down a hill when entering the town and are greeted with mini-dinosaurs on the majority of the properties. This town is home to the World’s Largest T-Rex. You can pay $3.00 to climb some stairs and see the world from the mouth of a this giant predator. We were too cheap and decided to just take our pictures from in front of the dinosaur.
We then went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. There was a very long line to get into the entry but as there are three admission booths, it progressed quite quickly. We made it from the parking lot to the front door in about 20 minutes. It was overall a lovely museum. There were a lot of young children who were there. It is of my personal opinion that young children may find the dinosaurs fun to look at, but there is a lack of items for them to interact with, causing a lot of bored, misbehaving kids with parents trying to make the most of their experience.
While in Drumheller we also visited the Hoo Doos and the suspension bridge that leads to the ruins of an old mine. All in all, it was a great day of adventure with friends.
You do not need to be a child to enjoy the dinosaurs of Drumheller. We are rich with their history here in Alberta and I know that I for one find that pretty cool.

For the summer we are hoping to have monthly weekend day trips around this lovely province and see some of what it has to offer.

Do you have any awesome plans for this summer? Do you have any suggestions for where my friends and I should explore on our monthly day trips? Let me know in the comments!

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