Project 10 Pan: A Whole New Level

As you may know from last week’s posts regarding Project 10 Pan, the goal is to use up products that I have purchased but have not really been using. Many of these items have reasons that I do not use them (i.e. concealer that looks too dark or muddy).
I took some time to hmmm and haw about what to do with some of these products. Then it hit me! – Try using it for something that it is not intended for. We are so often limited by what the packaging tells us a product should be used for. I must say, I am now enjoying using concealers for contouring. I was doing this before, with a much darker colour, but may be enjoying this more. The less contrasting color is much easier to blend out and subtle which I like for at work. I will use the darker colour for events/evenings out.
On the flip side, I am not sure if this is a good thing… My Project 10 Pan seems to have inspired my friend to downsize some items… some of those items have found there way into my collection. I am excited to try some new products (hairspray, etc.) that I didn’t have to pay for, but it does not exactly help with my attempt to downsize. However, there is a silver lining! It has also made me realize that products that do not work for me might work for someone else and maybe I should pass it along (if it is hygienic to do so!).


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