David’s Tea Haul (May 2015)

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and managed to stay cool.
This may seem ironic that I am posting about tea while it is so hot out, but as it is summer, I have purchased teas to drink cold. Another awesome thing about teas, is they make healthy but delicious Popsicles. Teas are great year around; hot, cold or frozen! I’m even thinking about adding a little rum to one of the flavours for a new extra treat.

The first that I selected was to restock my all time favourite from David’s Tea: Lime Gelato. This tea is so delicious at any temperature. I cannot say enough about the smooth citrus flavour. I recommend that everyone give it a try.

Selection number two was a new flavour to my collection: White Nectarine. I have only tried it once but enjoyed the light fruity taste. I will definitely be trying it cold soon!

Number three is a new flavour to David’s Tea: Strawberry Colada. This is the flavour that I think could be mixed with some rum. May be a “healthier” alternative to buying that sugary bottled colada mix and mixing with Malibu. I will definitely be giving it a try!

The forth and final selection from David’s Tea was Goji Pop. It’s delicious and tastes like candy. For people who are trying to cut back on candy, drink this instead! Yuummmm!!

What have you picked up from David’s Tea lately that you would recommend?


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