Project 10 Pan: Check-In #1

As Project 10 Pan gets underway, I have been searching for alternate uses for different products. I mentioned last week about using concealer to contour when it was too dark to brighten up my under eyes. Since then I have found other alternates as well.

Here is an update of how each product is coming along:
1) Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer can now be found in my shower. I have added sugar to the bottle to create a moisturizing body scrub. Not only does my skin feel lovely after my shower, but I am soaring through this product! I would like to add that I am aware this lotion has a higher retail value. I received this bottle two years ago from a colleague who did not like the scent. It’s about time that I used it up!

2) Balea Charcoal Facial Cleanser – I started using this but my skin broke out, so I reverted back to my normal Cetaphil cleanser. I might need to find another approach for this one – maybe I will give it to a friend? It’s also not pleasant to use. The black charcoal leaves a residue on my face as well as discolors my face clothe. I won’t be using this on my face anymore.

3) NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Silk – I have been using this daily on my lower waterline. I am getting through it slowly.

4) Garnier BB Cream Eye Miracle Skin Perfector – This is the concealer that I have been using to contour with on work days so that it is subtle. I will probably continue to do this until it is done.

5) Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller – This is one that I have been using the least out of the 10 items. When my eyes are on the darker side (a problem that my eye cream seems to be alleviating) I will put this on under my brightening concealer.

6) Bite Beauty Lip Gloss – I do like this color the more I wear it but it doesn’t seem to go well with most of my clothes. Maybe I should get my summer wardrobe now that it is so hot outside!!

7) Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner – I think it is either running out of drying up. Expect to see this bad boy in the next empties post!

8) Jose Maran Argan Oil – I don’t mind this stuff. I will wear it on weekends when I am skipping my foundation routine and put on a layer of powder on top. It is nice to have the SPF when I am hanging out outside but do not enjoy the oily look that it gives me when I don’t apply powder afterwards.

9) Candy Rollerball – I have put away all of my perfumes except for this one. I find that the scent fades pretty quickly. Most scents I will apply to my wrist and try to subtly smell it throughout the day. There is nothing to smell. I probably need to bring it with me to reapply throughout the day. It will also go more quickly throughout the day that way! Win-win!

10) Body Shop Mango Body Butter – This stuff is best applied while having a coconut candle lit and some fruity iced drink in hand. You’d be swept away to a warm tropical location and forget all your Canadian worries. I haven’t head much of a chance to do that yet, but have applied it a few times before bed. It also works nicely to keep my hands moisturized, but it does leave a greasy feeling on my skin. I will keep working my way through it until it runs out.


So there you have it; a status on where things are with Project 10 Pan. I am already scanning my collection for the next item that will be added to the list once something runs out. Perhaps some foundation, blush or who knows what!

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a full review for products once they have been completed or if an abbreviated one like you may find in an Empties post is more than enough information.


Have something you’d like to see on this blog? Leave a comment and let me know 🙂


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