Tips & Tricks: Sensitive Teeth Whitening

i think we can all appreciate a nice white smile. There are different ways to attain a white smile and a lot of products that promise to brighten and whiten those enamels. One product that I like to use is whitening strips; simply put them on, get some things done and take them off. Presto! Whiter teeth! 

One downside to whitening your teeth is how sensitive they become afterwards. Cold things seem to cold, hot things too hot… Starting to sound like a Sensidyne commercial? Well maybe that’s giving away what my trick is:

Before applying whitening products to your teeth, brush them with a sensitive teeth toothpaste. This helps the whitening agent from penetrating too far into the teeth and causing them to be sensitive. Then proceed with the instructions on the package of your whitening agent.

 Sensitivity should be a way to describe your emotions, not your teeth 😉

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