Failsafe Makeup Brands

While perusing my makeup collection, I noticed something that made me chuckle – there are themes to my makeup. My different types of makeup seem to have brands that I am sticking to or liking without even realizing it! I put some thought into it the past couple of weeks and it definitely seems to be that way for me at least. I am curious to know if other people’s makeup collections have this trend as well!
I thought I would share with you what my “failsafe” brands are for different genres. I will say, these items are almost all drugstore (with the exception of Makeup Geek but they are practically drugstore prices, just online).

Foundation: L’Oreal Paris

I have tried many different brands and lines of foundation, as I am sure most makeup wearing people have. I have found that the ones that last on my skin, have the best color match and are easiest to apply are all from L’Oreal! Currently I have L’Oreal Paris True Match as well as their Infallible foundation (with the pump – Love it!). I would love the True Match even more if they had a pump on it! I am not a fan of pouring my foundation and having to scrape some back into the bottle – how unsanitary and wasteful!

Concealer: Maybelline

I used to always try concealer that went with the foundation that I was buying. It wasn’t until I got into watching YouTube makeup gurus that I realized that you don’t have to do that! Nor do you/should you by the exact shade of your foundation. Maybelline is the producer of my two favorite concealers: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer for under my eyes and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer for anything from covering imperfections, under eyes and contouring.

Eye Shadow: Makeup Geek

I personally do not like quads or palettes for eye shadow. I like to buy individual colours that appeal to me. I feel like I have wasted so much money on quads solely for one color. Makeup Geek has high end, well priced eye shadows. They are not in the drug store but are easy to order online. I have not been disappointed by a single color that I have purchased. They are creamy, well pigmented, easily blended and last all day. What else could you want?

Mascara: CoverGirl

So many people swear by Benefit’s mascaras, but I have never ever like them. I have tried them solely on how people rave about them but my lashes always come out clumpy and not flattering in the slightest. Anytime that I try something that isn’t CoverGirl, I end up going and buying a CoverGirl mascara just so I can like my lashes! I have tried almost all their mascaras and love them all. My favorite however would be the CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara (orange tube). It does not clump my lashes, it does not flake, does not get all over my lid during application… Love it! I do want to try their new mascara though… I have heard good things about it! Maybe that’s a future blog – trying out a new product!

Lipstick: Rimmel London

I am still relatively new to the lipstick world. I would normally stick to glosses and tints. I however find that the Kate Moss lipsticks have a great formula. They are smooth to apply, the colour is quite resilient compared to other brands that I have tried and my lips don’t get dried out. Those are all things that I am looking for in my lipstick and I will definitely continue to try different colors and lines within the Rimmel brand.


So there you have it! My failsafe brands that I trust and explore at the drugstore. I would love to hear from you and hear which brands are your failsafes! Is there a brand that you think beats the ones I mentioned that I should try? Let me know in the comments 🙂



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