Beauty Brands – drugstore & luxury

Last night curiosity got the best of me! I had heard while binge watching YouTube videos that L’Oreal and Yves Saint Laurent are actually the same company. I took to the internet to find out if there was any truth to this. What I found blew my mind!The number of companies in the makeup world that we see, and the number that there actually are crazy. Two companies in particular that I would like to highlight are Estee Lauder and L’Oreal. I went on their own websites to get this information (Estee LauderL’Oreal). Here is a table of some of the companies are actually a part of these two empires (yes, Empires!):

Estee Lauder L’Oreal
Aveda Biotherm
Bobbi Brown Clarisonic
Bumble & bumble Essie
Clinique Garnier
Coach Giorgio Armani
Estee Lauder Kerastase
Flirt! Kiehl’s
La Mer Maybelline
MAC Pureology
Michael Kors Ralph Lauren
Ojon Redkens
Origins The Body Shop
Smashbox Urban Decay
Tom Ford Vichy
Tommy Hilfigure Viktor & Rolf
Tory Burch Yves Saint Laurent

Is anyone else shocked by this?! So many brands that make so much money are owned by the same people. They must be loaded! Even the Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal! I had NO idea. I am thinking that I need to learn more about the companies at the helm of this industry! May be interesting to see what there is to know about these guys who have such a huge portion of the beauty market.


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