Sugarless June – Update #1

Well it is turning out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. There are things that I have been doing well with but absolutely failing at others. I have been able to resist grazing on treats that are left out and eating candy but as soon as someone hands me something or offers me something, I cannot say no! Ok, so lets focus on the positive first: There have been Timbits at work for my team to share and I went without eating a single one! Woohoo! Normally I will eat half the box (more than my fair share!) and be sad when there are none left. I have also been drinking a lot of water and eating more vegetables for snacks instead of junk food.

Now for my demise… I have had more cookies than normal following meals – what is with that?! People have been offering them to me right left and center and I cannot say no! I clearly need to work on using that word more often. I also ordered a pop at lunch the other day which is not something that I would typically do. It was only 1 can that I drank, but that could have been lemon water or something better for me.

I have been making an effort but clearly require even more effort. Just over a week down and a few weeks to go! Please note that this isn’t about eat less. This is about making better choices about what I am putting into my body. Instead of snacking on candy at my desk I have been eating things like cucumbers and tomatoes. Neither of these are very filling but the vegetables are better for my well being.

Hopefully the rest of the month will be even more successful!


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