Project 10 Pan: Check-In #2

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you are all having a wonderful week. I have finished a few of my Project 10 Pan items this week so thought I better let you guys know and update you on which products in my collection will be moving into those slots.

1) Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer: Done! As mentioned in my first update, I had put sugar into my lotion to use in the shower as a moisturizing scrub. I have finally finished this large bottle and am looking forward to that free space in my shower. The lotion was moisturizing and expensive so I am glad to have used it  up instead of letting it go to waste any longer. I will not be repurchasing this lotion because I feel like there are much cheaper alternatives that are not remarkably different in results.

2) Balea Charcoal Facial Cleanser: Ugh… I do not like this stuff. My skin hates it. It is still sitting in my shower but I haven’t touched it in well over a week. I may need to use a “call a friend” option and throw that cleanser in the trash can.

3) NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Silk: I am disappointed with this product. I feel like I spent too much money for how little product their is in this stick. I am down near the bottom but there is still some left. I will keep using it until it is gone.

4) Garnier BB Cream Eye Miracle Skin Perfector: I need to hide my Age Rewind concealer because I reach for that 99% of the time instead of this guy. When I have used it, it is good for dispensing enough makeup for the first eye, but the rollerball becomes dry by the time I start my second eye. I have used it to contour because of the dark color, but I have also layered it under my Maybelline  concealer as a transition between foundation and concealer. I will keep working away on this guy and hopefully it will be done soon!

5) Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller: I somehow managed to put this guy away in my makeup kit so that it was forgotten about. I dug it out this morning and used it just like I would the Garnier BB Cream Eye Miracle Skin Perfector. It seems to be better than that one for dispensing product even though they are both rollerball format. Maybe it has to do with the volume of product left in the container? Who knows!

6) Bite Beauty Lip Gloss: This is the perfect time of year to be using up this color! I am reaching for it more and more but have had to put away some of my other lip product so that it does not distract me from it. The color is very pigmented, I just wish that it lasted longer throughout the day. Maybe I should haul it around with me for reapplication…

7) Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner: Done! Thank goodness. I was about to drop kick that eyeliner all the way to the moon! I will not be repurchasing it nor will I recommend it to anyone. What a hot mess of a product. I also talked about it in my May Empties post. Feel free to check out my comments there for a more logical explanation.

8) Jose Maran Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF: Done! Woohoo! I love being able to say I have used a product from start to finish. This moisturizer was great as long as there was something on top of it. It left a white cast to my skin and quite the shine. I understand that SPF can do this, but there are options out there that don’t. I will not be repurchasing this product. If I want to put some Argan Oil on my skin, I will continue to reach for the oils that I have and apply it straight to my face (and hair) before bed. I prefer the oil on its own because it is so multipurpose.

9) Candy Rollerball: In attempt to use this up, I have dried out the skin around my wrists. I took a couple of days rest and then realized that I could be applying it to my elbows instead. Turns out this works well for me! The scent seems to be lasting longer. There is still a lot of fluid left in this rollerball. Maybe 90% of it. Maybe that will be my goal for Project 10 Pan… keep it going until all original 10 items are done, adding items to maintain the 10 until then? We will see.

10) Body Shop Mango Body Butter: Oh body butter…. I have neglected you so! I have placed this next to my bed in hope that it will remind me to use it. It has such a nice smell but I am just lazy I guess. Maybe now that the lotion is all gone, I will be more apt to use this? Time will tell!


As a recap, that is 4 items that I have finished and need to replace in the project. These empty products will be talked about in my future Empties post for the month of June. But for now, I will stay on topic – The new items jumping onto the Project 10 Pan bandwagon are:

1. Crest 3D White Luxe Galmourous Whitening Strips – I find these strips very effective however I hardly ever take the time to get the out and use them. This will force me to get them out and whiten my teeth.

2. Aussie Hairspray – I do not know why but I seem to always forget to give myself a spray down after doing my hair. I have a couple of different bottles of hairspray now so I should start using it up!

3. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – this is another face wash that I got from Sephora’s favourite box. As I have many cleansers yet to explore, I decided to take a crack into this one. Anticipate a first impressions post next week! 

4. NYC Loose Translucent Face Powder – this powder was cheap and I bought it before I really understood the purpose of powder. There is a large amount per container and I have over half left. I have started to accumulate a few different powders and should use up the first one I got and my own remaining loose powder. I have a feeling that this one may take a while! 
Is anyone else partaking in a Project 10 Pan? Leave me a link below if you are! I would love to check it out.


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