The Influence of YouTube Beauty Gurus

As I am sure most beauty bloggers know, there are some majorly talented ladies and gents on YouTube.

Many of us binge watch these videos to get the scoop on the latest and greatest beauty products and techniques.

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I can hear Jaclyn Hill’s voice in my head going “Blend! Yeessssss! Blend!” while applying makeup in the morning. Come to think of it, if Jaclyn were to ever be in a Herbal Essence commercial, that is exactly what she would be saying…

When I am applying my eye makeup in the crease, I’ve got Tati‘s voice talking about those windshield wiper motions going back and forth.

If I am packing on a shimmer shadow on the inner half of my lid, I feel like Marlena before realizing that I am yet to be an owner of her beautiful foil shadows.

I have never met any of these ladies but boy do they have impact my makeup routine. They’re like my big sisters who shows me the magic of the Beauty Blender and emphasize that is it not makeup that makes you, but portrays you.

As much as I enjoy these ladies, they all live in the United States and have access to products that are not sold here in Canada. I feel like there is a missing niche on YouTube for this. If I had anywhere near the experience that they have, I would be all up in that YouTube business. I want to hear about products and prices that are in the stores that are where I live.

Rant aside, these ladies have overhauled my makeup collection, application and goals. I am indebted to these strangers.

Thank you makeup vloggers!!

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