Sugarless June – Update #2

I have been doing better at avoiding sugary treats. For a snack or lunch I have been eating a lot of hummus with vegetables and naan bread.

I am starting to notice an improvement in my skin which I appreciate.

On the downside, I have gotten into eating more salty foods like chips. Sure it’s not sugary but that kind of defeats the purpose. I will keep trying to reach for the fresher options in my fridge instead of the salty things in my pantry.

On the bright side, my strawberry plants are starting to yield fruit so I will have those delicious treats soon enough. They’re so tasty on their own that I definitely won’t need to add sugar to them.

I have also been drinking more and more water which is fantastic. I will make tea and put it over ice for a treat instead of pop, juice or ice tea made with crystals. It is delicious and not to bad for me either.

I have 12 more days left in this challenge and I know that I can do it!

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