Tips & Tricks: Events & Attractions in your Community

I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend! It was definitely a scorcher here, reaching above 30C both days! I am happy for the rainy, cooler weather that we are getting today.

Yesterday, my mom shared a handy tip with me that I could not believe I didn’t already know/think of! That is why I am sharing it with you guys.

Have you ever wonder what is going on in your town but don’t have a computer near you to check? Maybe you want a calendar of activities? Head over to the hotel nearest you and check out their city information stand just inside the door! You know the one… full of flyers, pamphlets, travel information, attractions, coupons, city maps, event calendars and local magazines. This is a resource that is readily available to those visiting our home towns. As locals we often miss out on some events because we didn’t realize that they were happening. Check out these stands to help keep yourself informed!


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