App Review: Periscope

Happy (belated) Canada Day!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the day off mid-week. I am needing constant reminders today that it is in fact Thursday and tomorrow will be Friday! I keep thinking that it is Monday.

I had a dear friend of mine come to visit and have dinner with me. After we ate, we were talking about interesting apps and I told him that I had been trying to figure out Periscope.

For those who have not heard about Periscope, it is described in the App Store as

Periscope lets you broadcast live videos to the world. Going live will notify your followers who can join, comment and send your hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.

More or less, this is what the outcome would be if YouTube and Snapchat had a baby. You broadcast a video stream of yourself and people will comment which pops up semi-opaque at the bottom of your screen.  to “Like” what is happening on a broadcast, viewers simply tap on the screen and little hearts appear in the bottom right corner. It is pretty straight forward to get it going.

So my friend and I go on Periscope (using my Twitter account) and broadcast live. We had no idea what to talk about but people started asking us questions about being Canadian! There are not many Canadians using Periscope yet so I found it fun being asked about all sorts of things. A lot of the questions were relatively serious, like if we have a lot of police shootings like they do in the US, about residential schools, our healthcare and government. There were also fun questions like what is poutine, what we did for Canada Day, etc.

I feel like I still have things to learn about using Periscope. You can play back your broadcasts, save it to your phone to upload elsewhere (YouTube, etc.). I prefer this over Snapchat because you can only do short clips on Snapchat vs. however long you’d like on Periscope. I feel that YouTubers who post a lot consecutive snaps to share a message should jump onto Periscope and post there. That way their subscribers can watch live and comment as they are talking or share some love if they need some support/encouragement/feedback. Imagine that! Getting to watch Jaclyn Hill do a tutorial live and be able to ask her questions while she is doing it! That would be amazing!!

I suggest giving this app a try! It is really cool what you can find on there – John Mayer even broadcasts jam sessions from what appears to be his living room.

If you are on Periscope, let me know what your handle is and I will give you a follow! I love to see all the different things that are being shared. My handle is @LLL_moments

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