Personal Challenge: Surgarless June – Conclusion

Well my month long resistance is finally over!!

I am kind of proud of myself. I will admit that I was not perfect but there was definitely a lot of good choices made about what I consume.

Even when I was baking I was trying alternative recipes with less sugar or supplementing it with honey or agave. I still prefer the end product that sugar provides. I am craving Ghirardelli brownies like crazy – I may have to make some now that this month is done – it can be my reward.

Going forward, I hope that I will continue to make wiser choices when it comes to sugar. I drank a can of pop but really, If a person only drinks 1 pop per month then a case would last a whole year. That definitely isn’t too bad!

I would love to know from you guys what your favorite sugary treat is! I am not sure what mine is… I love most sugary delights – jujubes, jelly beans, brownies, sour candies, you name it – I love it. Let me know your favorite in the comments below 🙂


Happy Friday!!

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