Personal Challenge: No Shopping July

Sugarless June was a success so I have decided to throw another personal challenge into my life this month.

As I am sure everyone wishes they could do, I am hoping to cut back on my spending this month. That means no shopping! The only exception that I will make is for essential food and hygiene. If I need toothpaste than I am ok to get that, but I do not need to buy it by the caseload.
The same idea goes for food. I can buy the food that I need, but no stocking up on chips and baked goods. I have supplies in my pantry to make some instead!

Wish me luck! I will more than likely need it!!


    • I always start at the beginning of a month with my challenges so that it is easy to keep track of my progress. Don’t try to stock up on items before the challenge because that will defeat the purpose. I ended up moving all my shopping apps into a folder on my phone and iPad so that they weren’t so visible to me… Got rid of the temptation so the speak.
      Another good technique is to take your cards out of your wallet and only carry a limited amount of cash so that you cannot spend more than what you have on you.
      It’s important to be realistic with your goal. You still need food, and the essentials, but maybe not 4 tubes of mascara or a bunch of new treats for a pet.
      I started small with my Project 10 Pan and I think that that enabled me to be able to enjoy this one. I was already used to resisting not buying makeup when I have a case full already.
      If you decide to do it, let me know how it goes!


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