Tips & Tricks: A Case of the Mondays

Here we are again: Monday morning. The dreaded Monday morning; the time where we are reminded of all those things that we didn’t manage to do over the weekend and of all the things we need to do this week.

I am sure I am not alone having a hard time prying myself from my nice comfy bed to put myself together for the day in the office. Monday mornings are the time when I realize that I forgot to follow my good intentions on making up lunches for this week ahead of time and that there is a list of other good intentions that I did not manage to get through either. My “Honey Do” list for myself does not get any shorter neither does my intended read or watch list.

My trick for making Mondays better? It is a multi-step process:

1) Crank up my favorite upbeat tunes in the car. Who can resist feeling good about life when they are singing along to some Bennie & the Jets or We Will Rock You?

2) Make myself a cup of awesome tea. Tea makes me happy and that is why I drink it.

3) The most effective step that I do is send a friend a text that I have not talked to in a while. Normally a quick message like “hey stranger! Haven’t talked in a while, hope things are good with you!” does the trick. Almost without fail that friend is happy to receive your message and putting a smile on others’ faces is definitely infectious. Just be careful not the text them too early in the day as they might still be sleeping!

What are your tricks for beating a case of the Mondays?

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