A Letter to Myself

Dear Self,

Take this moment to pause; breath in. It is always good to take that moment no matter the situation or emotion that you are feeling – you often forget to do that.

While you’re at it, take an inventory of yourself. Remember the things you’ve done, the things you are doing and the things that you want to do. Remember those who have played major roles in your life, both long and short-term, positive and negative. Remember that even though you wouldn’t be here without them, you are primarily responsible for all your achievements and downfalls.

You know that at the end of the day you can either be your own worst nightmare or best friend. Be your own best friend.

Do what you know is right, even if it’s not what is easy. In the long run it will pay off more than any shortcut ever will. The things you feel most accomplished about are the things that you have taken the time to do and that you gave the most effort.

Have patience especially with those who have none for you. Life will always progress, sometimes not as quickly as you want but enjoy that instead of being frustrated. There will always be a time that life will move too quickly.

Love; love yourself more and more everyday. Love others too. Love simple things but also the complex. We all know that there isn’t enough love in the world so let the love pour from your heart. It will without a doubt be broken, but never let it sour the memories made or the opportunity to love someone else.

Write things down. Things to remember, things that inspire you and goals to achieve. Writing them down stores them in your mind in another form which makes them come to mind more frequently.

Be yourself. It’s okay to feel different as long as you feel like yourself. It’s okay to want to stay home on a Friday night, drink tea and read a book. You won’t want to do that every Friday so don’t worry about becoming a hermit.

Have faith. Have faith in yourself, in those around you and even strangers. People do make mistakes but rest assured that we are all after the same thing: happiness.

Most of all, be happy. Do the things that make you happy and don’t worry about the little things. Happiness will always prevail as long as you let it.

With love,




  1. I love this. It really is so important to take time for yourself every once in a while. Find solace and carry on. It is easy to know when you need to help out a friend or loved one, but sometimes it isn’t so easy to know when you need to help yourself.

    Thanks for giving me the reminder!

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