Podcast Review: Serial

Serial is a podcast series that investigates a crime that someone has already been convicted of to see if they come to the same conclusion as the courts. In their initial season, the crime is the murder of a teenage Baltimore girl. The teen’s exboyfriend was convicted however because of some misconduct by the exboyfriend’s lawyer, Sarah Koenig – an american journalist and radio personality, has been looking into the case to see if the right person was put behind bars. 

Each of these captivating episodes are in a chronological order and should be listened to in order.

When the podcast was originally debuted in October 2014, it was the number one podcast on iTunes. Sarah has even recently been named one of the 100 Most Influential People by TIME Magazine.

I really enjoyed this podcast. It’s not something to listen to for background noise. The listener needs to follow along with what is happening in order to make their own opinion.

The plot takes  twists and turns but Sarah’s narative makes it easy to follow along and understand the legal gargen and how the system works.

If you enjoy murder mysteries, forensics, or are a  generally curious person, I recommend this podcast. It weaves quite the web of doubts as to who is responsible for murder. Give it a listen, but be sure to start with episode 1.

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