Foot Golf

How was your weekend? Mine started off with trying something new.

A group of my friends and I were invited to play Foot Golf to celebrate some friends’ birthdays.  What is this sport you ask? The short answer is that it is golf played with a soccer ball. The long answer is on a golf course, one kicks a soccer ball in as few kicks as possible into an oversized cup at the end of each hole. The majority of golf’s rules apply; the scoring system is the same, where the pars vary from 3 to 5 per hole, etc.

This new hybrid sport craze is pretty exciting. We saw ladies out for a ladies night, birthday parties (not just us young adults but preteen girls too), teenagers and lots of families. Because of the soccer aspect and not needing to know the benefits of different balls, what the loft means on  your clubs, and all the other technical details of golf; it is much easier to play that traditional golf. It is something that I can honestly recommend to anyone over the age of 4 as a fun sport for the whole family outdoors.

We played at Rundle Park Golf Course, the only course set up for the sport in Edmonton. Luckily, many of the holes are par 3 so it didn’t take too long to complete 18 holes: just over 2 hours for a party of 6. The only downside is that if you are not used to kicking a ball repeatedly, your one leg may become sore afterwards. Walking the whole course may have been a contributing factor as well.


If you are in the Edmonton area, I definitely recommend booking yourself a tee time and to see for yourself how much fun this new craze is.

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