Tips & Tricks: The Many Uses of Baby Wipes

Anyone who has watched a Makeup Geek haul YouTube video knows that Marlena is always reaching for her Huggies wipes to remove makeup from her hands while swatching products. I have used facial wipes for this in the past but that gets expensive.A facial wipe costs normally around $0.40 each while a baby wipe ranges from $0.02 to $0.07 when purchased in bulk. That’s a huge cost difference per wipe! That will add up quickly, especially if you use them everyday.

I found myself wondering why I hadn’t been using these instead, especially to wipe my hands. I don’t need the benefits of facial wipes’ ingredients on my hands, just a damp cloth.

Another great thing about baby wipes is that the container they come in is much easier to close properly. No need to try to seal the dried up sticker seal that are on almost all facial wipe packages or wrestle with the clasp of a package while there is foundation that exploded off over your hands. Baby wipe containers were designed to be easy to access quickly and to seal just quickly with one finger closing the lid.

Anytime I spill something, need to wipe something up, etc. I am reaching for these wipes instead of going and washing my hands in the sink.

I also use these wipes to spot clean my makeup brushes. A benefit to giving them a quick swirl across a wipe is that you don’t get the dried makeup buildup between bristles as quickly.

Outside of my makeup collection, these wipes are great for in the car with their awesome containers. They’re useful for cleaning up spills, wiping my hands, giving my dash a quick dust and probably other things that I have not discovered yet.

Do you use baby wipes for non-baby related uses? Let me know what they are!

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