Personal Challenge: No Shopping July – Conclusion

2015 is flying by! We have already made it to August and there are so many things to still do with my summer. Yes, I have missed quite a few days worth of posts, but that is the inspiration to August’s Personal Challenge. We will get to that tomorrow, but for now here are the results for July’s no shopping personal challenge:

It went great! I was able to resist malls, outlet stores and even treats at the grocery store. I still have more than enough things to keep me occupied and to sort through that I already own. 

It was not a cake walk for the challenge. I get about 20 emails per day regarding different sales going on and I do actually need a new pair of flats for at work… That was difficult to resist. I didn’t feel that they were quite a need because I can get away with wearing my sandals or heels until the weather goes bad. 

Overall, I am pretty proud of myself and just hope that the habit of not shopping sticks around for a while. It’s nice not to spend money! 


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