Personal Challenge: August – Post Everyday

We are almost a week into August so I need to get going on this month’s personal challenge! 

As you may have noticed in the title, my goal is to post every single day. My intention with Lovely Littlest Life has always been to post every weekday but I continuously drop the ball. This month will also include weekend posts, setting the bar even higher for myself. 

I have had a lot of ideas for posts lately and I have been making sure to write them all down. I have added these topics to the calendar that I keep which luckily already takes me halfway through the month. I am incredibly hopeful that I can achieve this goal/challenge with as much success as my past challenges however this one has me more nervous than any of them have. 

We will see how it goes and I will report back on September 6th with my conclusion. 

Happy August!


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