July Favourites

Oh August! How you snuck up on me…


Many of July’s favourites will be a reflection of how much  I enjoyed a trip that I took this past month, so they are not the normal types of items that I normally write about. It is quite possible that these items may never even be mentioned again, but for right now they are my favourite things and I am sure you will be able to tell why. 🙂

Wor Wonton Soup from Peace Gardens in Peace River

Anyone who lives near or travels through Peace River needs to stop in at Peace Gardens. It is a local hot spot for lunch for a good reason: their food is amazing! I have had their food to eat more times than I can count and it is still my first choice for eating establishments there. Of all the items that they have on their menu, my favourite is the wor wonton soup. Ever since moving to the city 8 years ago, I have tried to find one that comes close to the level of deliciousness. I still have yet to find one that I like even half as much so will continue to stop there at any opportunity.

Childhood Friends

Sometimes when life gets so repetitive that you start just going through the motions. In those times it is worth visiting an old childhood friend or two (or five!). Remembering things from when you were a kid seems so much more funny now than back then. It makes me excited to look back twenty years from now on this part of my life and be able to laugh at choices that I’ve made, adventures I had and guys I’ve dated.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

For a tinted moisturizer, this baby sure has a lot of coverage. I got it in the Sephora favourites box back around Christmas time but waiting for warmer weather to try it out. Boy am I glad I did! It is great to rub into my face when I am in a rush to even out my skin tone. My hands are good enough for applicators and it even stays put throughout the day. I am afraid to look at the retail price of this product as I assume it will be more than I am willing to pay for a tinted moisturizer but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Angry Bird POP!

I am sure that anyone who owns a device that runs on apps has played at least one Angry Birds game. I try my darnest to avoid playing games on my phone as I am a very determined person the beat the various levels. I have spent way more time than I should admit to playing this game. I actually went and deleted it from my phone (but it has made a return). The game is simple: shoot a colored bubble at matching color bubbles to make them pop. There are different goals for each level, but the main concept stays the same.

Vogue’s 73 Questions series on YouTube

Vogue’s YouTube channel has this really cool series where they go and ask accomplished women 73 rapid fire questions. The most recent lady was Nicole Kidman to be followed around her farm house in Australia asking questions about everything to her favourite movie, favourite Keith Urban lyrics and who are her fashion role models. I recommend giving these a watch to anyone (not just ladies) who wants to know that the rich and famous really are not that different from the rest of us when it comes to what is important to them.


Yes, this is a very generic favourites but I have had quite a few different kinds of pie this summer; each just as lovely as the next. Whether it is S’more, Saskatoon, peach, strawberry rhubarb or blueberry; I love pie. I especially love pie with fresh fruit… probably why pie is showing up on a July favourites, not just for the winter months!

Satin Smooth at home kit

I got this off of Amazon a while back but hadn’t used it much until lately. I am so glad that I invested in this warmer set. It does take a while to warm up the wax but the wax is higher quality making the consistency of the wax perfect. This is more efficient for me than having to run back and forth between the microwave to have wax that is hot on one side of the pot and not melted on the other side. The wax is more effective at hair removal and less painful to use than any drug store kid that I have used. If anyone out there does their own waxing, I recommend getting this kit. It makes your job a breeze and really is not that costly if you look at how much you can cover with one of these pots.

Floating Island

I am not sure what the technical name is for this or what the brand is… but I do know that it came from Costco last summer (There is a picture of it on the bottom right corner)! It is an eight person inflatable tube with two built in coolers, five “chairs” and a lounge area for two. It is a beast to get around (I keep mine in a rolling hockey bag which I can hardly lift) but so nice to inflate and put out on the water at the lake. My friends and I spent some time on this, soaking up the sun and floating around. Unfortunately every time that we go on it though, we manage to put a hole in it somewhere. The patch I put on it last year came undone too, but we had fun trying to get back to land with a gigantic deflating island.



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